Virtual Reality Aurora!

Check out Virtual Reality Aurora!

Aurora only occur in particular areas of the world and are highly unpredictable which are some of the reasons why many people feel fortunate to see them at all.  And, for the majority of known human history, you could only experience the beauty and mystique of aurora in person.  Not anymore! Recently, the first virtual[…]

Adapting the Aurora View Line

How we are improving real time alerts, and your viewing lines

For hundreds of years, aurora sightings have left people intrigued – for both their beauty and unpredictability. In any moment, they can surprise us as bright flashes of light in the night sky, dark above us.  They appear like unexpected gifts, made of colorful swaths of light, dancing above us. In a dance that sometimes looks more like[…]

An infographic summarizing select responses from over 400 Aurorasaurus users

Who is the typical Aurorasaurus citizen scientist?

We sent out a survey to all of our users to learn more about them, how they use Aurorasaurus, and what they want from us in the future. Nearly 400 users responded so thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey and share their experiences with us. Take a look at what we found out about our Aurorasaurus users!


Become An Aurora Hunter! (Google Hangout recap)

Hello, aurora enthusiasts! If you missed our Google hangout on Wednesday December 10, 2014 at 3pm EST, we have posted the hangout below for you to watch! On our first Google hangout, we gave a brief overview of what an aurora is, why we collect the data from you, and present some observations of[…]


Tweet Verification 101: Was that a real-time aurora observation or another pretty picture?

As you use Aurorasaurus, you will see many tweets of beautiful aurora pictures. But you’re going to have to ask yourself—is this report a real-time aurora observation or another pretty picture? The answer is not always clear. Aurorasaurus aims to capture information about aurora in real-time. While we always love to see beautiful aurora pictures,[…]

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Welcome to Aurorasaurus!

We are excited to share our new website with you! What can you do here? Register to receive email notifications when the aurora is observed near your location Be a citizen scientist and earn points when you report your sightings of aurora and help find identify sightings reported by Twitter users Examine the map to see locations of real sightings and the[…]