Aurorasaurus Tracks St. Patrick’s Day storm on Social Media

By Nathan Case and Kasha Patel An Aurorasaurus user submitted this photo of the aurora in Germany along with a report. On Tuesday, March 17, 2015, as people adorned themselves with green clothing and infused their livers with green beer, Earth was experiencing the biggest geomagnetic storm of the last decade—leading to beautiful, widespread aurora[…]


An “Awesomely Good” Aurora

By Meghan Mella An image of the Uppsala “skyline” below the aurora in Sweden. (Credit: Mella)  In Swedish there is a phrase “himla bra” that basically means “awesomely good.” The word himla literally translates to sky or heaven, and I have to think this phrase came about from Swedes staring at the sky, admiring the[…]