SOHO Captures A CME!

Space Weather at our Doorstep: How Can We Detect it?

Identifying Space Weather Phenomena Space weather is a complex field of study and can be a difficult term to define.  According to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC), space weather is described as the variations in the space environment between the sun and Earth. Other planets have space weather, too.  In fact, we have been[…]

Adapting the Aurora View Line

How we are improving real time alerts, and your viewing lines

For hundreds of years, aurora sightings have left people intrigued – for both their beauty and unpredictability. In any moment, they can surprise us as bright flashes of light in the night sky, dark above us.  They appear like unexpected gifts, made of colorful swaths of light, dancing above us. In a dance that sometimes looks more like[…]