Welcome to Aurorasaurus!

We are excited to share our new website with you!

What can you do here?

  • Register to receive email notifications when the aurora is observed near your location
  • Be a citizen scientist and earn points when you report your sightings of aurora and help find identify sightings reported by Twitter users
  • Examine the map to see locations of real sightings and the predicted auroral oval showing where conditions might be right for auroral viewing
  • Learn more about the top aurora questions, ask your own questions and find more help about how to use the site.
  • Ask and discuss aurora questions with our team of experts, the Aurorasaurus Scientist Network
  • Download our app for your smartphone (iOS or Android)
  • Find help about how to use the site
  • Contact us and follow us for updates on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

Who are we?

The Aurorasaurus team is a collection of scientists and educators who have developed this free nowcasting aurora notification service for use by the general public. We are studying aurora, human-computer interactions, and learning in informal settings. We thank you for participating and hope it helps you in your aurora hunting! Learn more about us here.

Why is it called Aurorasaurus?

We wanted to give it a fun, creative name. We want to do things a bit differently to make space weather fun and interesting to you, the public. Rory is the name of our dinosaur mascot and you can expect to hear more from her soon!

When can I see the aurora?

Rory will let you know when you might be able to see the aurora. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to predict exactly when you might see an aurora until shortly before it happens. This year is a time of increased likelihood because the Sun is at its solar maximum.  Stay tuned for more posts when activity picks up. We look forward to watching beautiful aurora with you in this, the first solar maximum with social media!!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Aurorasaurus!

  • I’m currently constructing a 24” (610mm) telescope for public observations. I’ll be pointing out planets, galaxies, constellations, and so on. I’m hoping to get kids interested in science, astronomy and astrophysics in my town. I’d love to give this App a plug too. You won’t believe this: it’s not available in Canada. Think you could convince someone to make the change, please? Maybe beat them with something big heavy and medieval?
    iOS 13.6 iPhone XR 64Gb

  • Hi James! Thanks for reaching out and for thinking of us! The apps are available in Canada but are down for maintenance right now. We will let everyone know as soon as they’re back up. Very excited to hear about your telescope project! In the meantime, you can still use Aurorasaurus on a phone— just use your browser to navigate to http://www.aurorasaurus.org. Please feel free to check in at aurorasaurus.info@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

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